Feature your game and ideas!

This entire platform started with a desire: the one to share with you my knowledge, my tools, my tips and tricks, my approach… But thinking that I’d be able to do it alone, or worse that my way of doing things is the only valid one would be very egocentric, but also extremely wrong.

Game design, and design as a whole, is a very fluid domain. One where each of us can bring their contribution. One where disagreement, debates, and discussions make us better designers and raise a bit the understanding of this very young discipline.

So I’d love for you to be part of it!

There is a number of ways I’m thinking about, but feel free to come up with more:

  • Our Discord. For all our everyday exchanges: discussions over a new game or mechanics, on the flight reactions to what you are creating, etc. We even have a channel called #cafeFeedback to receive guidance and opinions on all your questions, as micro you want them to be.
  • Submit your game for review. You have a game in development with a specific topic you want to review? Send it over! Topics are as opened as game design: wondering about your approach to puzzle creation? Not sure about your camera design? Discussing the efficiency of your onboarding phases? Want to bulletproof your systems?… If you believe this big issue of yours could benefit our community, It would be a pleasure for me to write an article on your game and point out what I believe is right, and what would need improvements. The first one I did was the following one: The Unique Selling Point of Weaving Tides.
  • Propose your own topic for an article. You have a unique approach or design methodology? You broke-down a topic in detail and want to share it with all of us? I’d love to feature it and add my own piece of theory to it!

For any submission, and more globally to contact me directly, please use the following email: Nico@gdkeys.com. Hopefully, I’ll never be so swarmed that I cannot answer in a fast manner. In any case, I’ll do my best!

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