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Welcome to GDKeys!

I really hope that the articles and tools published here will be helping you becoming better designers and refine your games and projects. But this isn’t everything, far from it!

This place comes with a very important complement: our private Discord.

We are gathering there the finest game designers, indies, and game enthusiasts, to discuss design, share, learn, debate, and grow together! Here are few of the millions of things you could do on our Discord:

  • Get hot-feedback by industry veterans on every design aspect of your current game (systems, enemies, UI, UX, players’ motivation etc.).
  • Debate crispy design topics with the community.
  • Share your work, your portfolios, your games.
  • Discuss the articles and decide what design topics GDKeys should tackle next.
  • Get support finding talents, organizing a project, finding a job in the industry, or whatever else bugs you!
  • Discuss your favorite games’ designs
  • Organize play-sessions of your games (or any other ones)
  • Etc.

So, if you are a student learning design, a designer wanting to expand his knowledge or an indie dev creating the next hit, why not join a terrific community to get some extra support for your wildest projects? You will always be very welcome!

Can’t wait to see you there!

Nico – GDKeys

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